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Article in SF Chronicle

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I hate having articles written.

They ALWAYS get so much stuff wrong.

He writes about the marks I had on my face and arms but I had bumped my forehead on a cabinet, been scratched by getting a rescue rooster out of an awkward cage and was growing a couple of pimples. Pigeons DON'T bite.

I told him word for word, if you write anything, PLEASE tell people that the point is: Don't buy, don't breed, adopt.

I told him about SF ACC and the amazing work they do, not to mention what all I said about Mickaboo & PT and all the help I get. Not a word.

I told him we need volunteers, donors and adopters.

I don't feel the article helps at all. AND he was a really nice guy that appreciated what I'm doing. Imagine if he didn't.

Check out the hateful comments on line.

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Boy!There's a lot of venom in some of those comment's.
I can never understand people who have this distaste for animal's. It seem's like they would prefer to live in a sterile enviroment. Take all animal's away, and they would see what a sad and pathetic creature man is! Just my opinion.
Elizabeth...you got my comments.
Oh my, I think I read this over an hour ago and all this time have been writing my comments and registering to post them LOL. I actually had to cut out about 10,000 words and still had to post two full comment boxes. :D PigeonsRock is me by the way. I think the article was well done in a lot of ways but still missed a lot of the points, and I agree that the scars and all that is certainly eye-rolling material to us here. :rolleyes: I didn't bother reading the ignorant and stupid comments, I know it'll just get me all riled up and I already know what some idiots think about pigeons. Hopefully with this you will open some eyes and minds to pigeons! It is cool to be in the paper, isn't it? :D
Count on me to add my "comment" on the article... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....... I will make my comment heard... because I think the fundamental reason ...of WHY the article was written in the first place, was to HELP. ((was it not))....

The scarcastic tone staggered along with UNTRUE comments... made this article hard to swallow. I'm sorry E!..:(. Let me gather what I want to say to this "writer" and then LOOK for my comment! ;)
It seems to me the author was either bowing to editorial pressure or trying to look cool at the expense of content.
I saw the comments from fellow PT members -- well done! -- and also left a comment (odegra) as I couldn't resist kicking some pigeon-hater butt! ;)
Boy!There's a lot of venom in some of those comment's.
I can never understand people who have this distaste for animal's. It seem's like they would prefer to live in a sterile enviroment. Take all animal's away, and they would see what a sad and pathetic creature man is! Just my opinion.
The Internet is a wonderful thing; but it has its negative aspects.

One of the negatives is the fact that it gives an unfettered outlet to some grouchy people whose screeds, in the past, would have had to get past a reasonable editor; or past some other vetting process.

A lot of the people who say nasty things to others on the Internet would be too timid to ever say them to one’s face; they only do it here because it’s easy and largely anonymous. We should always ignore that stuff, and – [upcoming bird reference!] – let it roll off our backs like water off a duck.

And, let's face it: there’s a lot of ignorance out there when it comes to pigeons. It seems to me that PT, and people like Elizabethy, are trying to change that and inform the public.

On the plus-side: most natural, good-natured human-types have instincts that inform them as to what the real truth is about the various things that are presented to them. I’m sure that most who read the article will realize the goodness in what Elizbethy is trying to do.

I think it has always been that the "news" usually gets things at least partly wrong. But in recent years, that has seemed to be getting worse. Folks are becoming cynical and suspicious with regard to the news media; and instances like this just escalate that state of affairs.

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Obviously the author try to bring some polemic to this article, but I'm writting my comment I'm Ivette76. You are the best Elizabethy, and my mom always say when people stop talking about you then worry about it, you know how much I admirer you, and many people here too, is an honor to be around you and even more that you are in SF which is where I live, you are famous Elizabethy and take always the good things those are the ones that make us grow, and how many people will say that are satisfy about what they do and give to others? Many hugs and kisses to you Elizabethy, you are the best!!! keep that in your mind... bad comments... just laugh means that you are important otherwise you won't be in the news... :)

Not only did I write a comment, but I emailed the author as well.

I was polite, I expressed my thanks to him for taking the time to write the piece, but also let him know that he missed an opportunity to educate people about a very lovable group of birds in desperate need of adoptive homes, donations, volunteers, and understanding! His tone could have been more supportive and encouraging to say the least, and that bit about wounds and scars! Please!!
Grrr !

Aww, that was such a mean slight on these lovable birds. Pigeons don't tear your skin (even if some of the meaner ones DO bite a little).
I'm wondering now why people seem to hate pigeons...but i stil don't get it...
perhaps when you stay with them every day you get used to them. :confused:
I commented what is typed below .... as well as emailed the writer a personal letter.

floridaluv4/22/2009 10:02:55 AM

Isn't the whole point of committing to write about such a situation, as in a Rescue (of any kind), to help educate the public about the situation? This organization has devoted countless hours and money into saving the lives of their rescued birds. What saddens me the most, is that it was undermined so much so, that not even a mention of it was made.
You are right in the fact that, the majority of people may only look at pigeons as pests, but that is where the education comes in. Education, that when done correctly, could possibly change the readers perspective of a situation. Education, that when a person hears the countless stories and good will of people across the Nation learning about the conservation and education of pigeons, they then in return decide to take part in it. Personally I am very thankful to the many rescues that make the commitment, to a wide collection of animals around the world. They ALL deserve a standing ovation for their hard work and dedication!
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