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I am looking for a flightless cock to pair with a flightless hen homer that i rescued from what i believed a bad racing loft in the area. I have posted a year ago but the hen was in bad shape and as a former loft breeder I could not just let fate happen. My grandfather looking down on me would have have liked that. The bird is now pretty tame and i once again had to build a loft although smaller than what me and gramps had in the past. The problem i have is that the neighbors will not allow livestock being kept where i am at and because of my profession i can not claim ignorance under the law.

I am thus looking for a flightless cock. In the past our loft rescued a few birds from lofts that had a cull means of dealing with overstock. While i can not at this time take a bird that can fly I can am looking for an injured bird that will never fly again that has no place in that loft and will meet a certain fate. I will pay for shipping. Just need a bird that will keep this one company. Will not be breeding them and will be using fake eggs to maintain status quo. Any help would be greatly appreciated

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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