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automatic waterer

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i'm thinking of putting some automatic waterers in my loft just wanting to see what ya'll thought of them
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As long as you still clean them once a day, GO FOR IT! I wish i had them! Dave
I put them in my loft, love them, I installed the little water giants on the outside just in case the valves would get stuck open, the birds love them also.
Would love to have them but I think they would be a big problem up here in the winter when it gets to -50 degrees:eek:
How are you going to medicate the pigeons if you have to ??? Seems like you cannot do this with the water running all day...The medicine will get watered down to a point it will do no good !!!......Alamo
Well when you medicate you don't use the automatic waterer, just drop the bowl by unscrewing it and medicate using your gallon waterers until your done with the medicating of the birds! I have gallon waterers in my Fly pen and automatic waterers (Little giants) in my averies ! Hope this helps!:)
well i installed them sat so for me and the birds both like them i installed a shut off valve on each one so that i can mix my vitamins or medicine in a gallon jug then pour into each one and after they drink it i simply open the valve back up
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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