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awesome photo

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Wow!! That is a stunning photo! I wonder how they got that shot? Beautiful!Thank you for that!

You're in Edmonton, Psychopomp? I'm in Calgary!
Thanks for the photo web-link, Psychopomp. Very nice.

I suppose that pigeon is above all the air pollution, but maybe would be mixing it up with the jets if it were pre-9/11.

You Canadians over there, keep that maple syrup flowing. (I think most of what I purchase comes from Vermont, but what the heck, this old Texan in Germany isn't too picky).

:D I saw that photo this morning and it's my avatar on a pet bird site I moderate!

I have a friend who spent christmas in New York - she has some amazing pictures of pigeons on the Empire State Building - I'll ask her if I can post a few for you. :)
That is a pretty cool pic, thanks for sharing! :)
Really awesome picture, thanks for sharing!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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