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Baby Berliner Kurze

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for your viewing pleasure.. 8 day old Berliner Kurze.
Father is a white tiger grizzle (almost all white, with a few dark polka dots), mother is a light blue grizzle. When he hatched he was no bigger than a peanut shell! So tiny, and covered in fluff.

Hatched May 9, 2009

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Look :eek: at that BEAK!!!

Another cuteness overload. :p

Can you show a picture of the grown up version, so we can see what he is going to look like??? (the parents would do). Thank you!!
oh good grief..how cute is that!.....you must be having so much fun watching that one grow....I also would like to see the parent birds too if possible.

my breeding loft is almost finished, nest boxes are going in today, one day I hope to have a little as cute as that one.:D
Mom is on the left, dad is on the right. I need to get a photo of them next to something so you can get an idea of how tiny the dad (Micky) is. He is so small!! I wish I had gotten pics of the baby when it hatched - I couldn't find the battery charger for the camera.

But he was even tinier than the buda babies. I mean he was like a tiny peanut shell.

I actually have the light grizzle hen paired with a sky blue Heppner cockbird now that is total perfection. It is a GORGEOUS little guy, they are on eggs which are due to hatch... err crap! I just realized I didn't mark down when this set were laid... Argh! OK, I don't know when! Probably in a week or so?

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OMG, sooo cute! I love their faces :D
Oh My! What a totally adorable little one! Thanks for sharing that little bundle of joy with us!

What a neat looking breed and CUTE baby!
Adorable. A couple of mine have those beaks, from a Sat/Homer combo. So cute!!!
Photo update!

The baby Berliner at 13 days old:

He's actually wearing a little leg brace because it seemed like he was getting splayed leg syndrome. He has a fiber nest pad and straw to grip on in the bowl, but the two hens fostering him like to sit on him at the same time. I think they are squashing his legs out. The brace has been on a week, so I'll check it in another few days. He likes to run all over the box (even with the brace on!) so I feel bad that it's making it difficult for him to move around. Though he seems to be managing to do it anyway.

I have a new one that just hatched on Saturday, I'll take photos of him tonight when I feed him. (I didn't have any fosters ready and the doofy parents aren't doing a very good job feeding him, so I am).
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thanks! i took the brace off last night, i just feel so bad for him! he immediately started stampeding around the nestbox. he is too funny. he just wants to walk around and check everything out!! i'll check him and see if he can go without the brace now. i hope so.

he is a LOT fluffier today. pictures later.

oooh, and my other baby that hatched on Saturday finally got a meal from it's parents today! i awoke to a full-cropped baby. i'm so glad. this is the first time they have gotten anything in his crop. it's about time!!
What a sweet looking little pidgie.........gotta LOVE that face/beak.......
Adorable baby!!! Sure hope his leg is better so he can cruise freely. :)
I don't know what it is with these tiny tumblers. My friends who breed racing homers and well... everything else, don't seem to have this problem. I look in their lofts, every baby is sitting where he should be in his bowl. My loft? The babies are tearing around their boxes, tap dancing, cartwheeling, somersaulting, moonwalking... They look like little mini ostriches.

I checked his legs and they seem OK - anybody else have experience with this sort of thing? How long am I supposed to leave the brace on? Or once they are running around are they generally alright? I'll get a pic of him sitting on a towel or something so you can see his legs. I mean, they seem OK.... but I don't want him to grow up all Forest Gumpy.
Sure will look forward to more pictures, Karijo!!


If he's runnin' around like you said, hopefully, he will be fine. Our "experts" should be able to give you response!

Uh..hey, ACTIVE is good, right?? Sounds like you have some talented DANCERS!!

Wishing Love, Hugs and Scritches...as always

Shi :)
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I've had a couple of babies with spraddle leg. I don't usually leave thier legs tied together more than a week, but I've always caught the condition early too and that make a big difference. I expect your little ones legs will be fine now.
Now, as far as the dancing and moonwalking...........LOL, that was funny........I don't have much of a problem with mine wondering until they are about 25 days old or so and then, they'll only wonder out onto the perch that's on the nest box door and get pushed off...........but then, I raise racers too........don't know that it should make a difference, but I guess it could.
Little Daniel, all growed up.

Here are current photos of my baby Berliner Kurze, Daniel.

Oh! No more leg problems, I took the brace off a while ago and he walks around totally fine. I'm happy about that! The splayed leg issue seems to be totally resolved. Whew!

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