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We rescused a "baby" pigeon from our roof. We notcied the parents had not returned, and the baby (who looks almost full grown, but cannot fly) was acting peculiar. (He normally scurries to hide when he sees us, but this time stayed on the edge of the roof as my husband mowed the lawn). My husband got a ladder and discovered a dead sibling in the very small space, covered in maggots and other small bugs. The nesting area was completely plastered in Our pigeon is very thin and did not resist being captured; we couldn't just leave him there! He has tiny bugs on him, he's dirty, and no feathers under his wings. He eats a little, and I will try the feeding techniques I found on other posts. I've wiped him down with a moist cloth, but it does not seem to be sufficient. He still appears so dirty.
Questions: Is there something I should do to clean him? Can you recommend anything for possible parasites? Should I be concerned about the lack of feathers under his wings?

You can use Sevin Dust to kill the little buggies. Just dust the baby being very careful not to get it in the eyes, nose, etc.....
The lack of feathers under the wings is probaby indicative of his age. I'd guess around 18 days or so.
You can take a look here and see about how old you think the little one is.
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