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Baby can't fly

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Baby can't fly Injured wing

I have a 30 day old baby who can't fly and can only flap one wing. On his/her right wing near the elbow? there is a small bald spot and feels hard/sharp like a bone. You can't see much from the picture but here goes.

I didn't think much of the spot at first because it was there when he was first getting his feathers and it never looked raw like a wound just a tiny bald spot.

Right now I have him in my house becuase being unable to fly he was getting beat up in both the breeders & YB lofts.
My big concern is if it was broken when he was just tiny and already healed wrong will he ever be able fly? If not will he be able to live with the other birds again without getting his butt kicked?
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Are there any other symptoms? How does he hold his wing when he isn't trying to fly?

If it is possible the bird had an injury and it healed incorrectly, then he most likely will be this way for the rest of his life. I have a hen who is handicapped, she can live fine with my other birds, but she is older and aggressive. She has a cubby, because of her mate, but she needs help each day to get to the food and water. If this is a male and an aggressive one it could get along with the other birds, but at this time he/she sould be kept in its own seperate quarters.

It is possible it could be another issue, and that cannot be determined without an exam, and that should be determined by an avian vet or rehabber, maybe a better pic. Have your birds been treated/innoculated for Paratyphoid and Pox?
No there are no other symptoms, yes everybody was treated and vaccinated before breeding season. He holds the wing good, it doesn't droop or anything he just doesn't extend it out all the way but shows no sign of pain if I do.
I am pretty sure it was some sort of injury, he doesn't have the best parents. I had a thread awhile back about an eggstealing cock, well they were his victims LOL! When this baby was about 2 weeks old the same cock started on them again and kicked them out so he could sit on this baby. He is a bit baby obsessed he feeds anyone who asks.
Thank you for the additional information, that is probably an old injury.

My hen has the same injury, holds wing correct when she walks, can't extend it all the way when she tries to fly, and only gets up in the air about 2 feet. She is still a wonderful bird and has become a pet, I'm sure yours will make a wonderful pet too.

They get really fast on their legs though...watch out... when they don't fly, its amazing how they adapt.
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