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Baby Old German Owl

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its been 6 days....and l cant believe how big this little one has got...WOW!
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What a content and happy little camper!!! :D

...and what BIG eyes you have.. :p

Thanks for sharing.
he/she is sooooo cute!he/she looks like he/shes almost smiling!
It is so cute, it does look like it is smiling. :)

Thanks for sharing!
11 days old today.... now its looking like a pigeon....he/she is so so cute
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What a doll...and getting plenty to eat...I see ..:D
what a sweety,he has sure grown quickly
i have been handling him a lot so he will get used to me,but the parents attack me every time i reach into the cage to get him.lol
Sweet 11 days old baby.
A cute little fatty,looks to be a healthy young bird. GEORGE;)
Yes, they are so cute, please keep us updated with more pics :) .
Adorable baby.

i will post another pic of him/her Sunday.thanks to all of you for the nice compliments....it sure is a cutie now.its also starting to stand and walk alittle .
As promised 16 days old today.............

getting cuter everyday....
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1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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