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Baby on Antibiotics/Kaytee contains Probiotics?

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I just realized looking at the little booklet that comes with Katee that it contains Probiotics. Now I know that you are not supposed to give both Probioitcs and Antibiotics at the same time, my little guy is on Doxycycline so.........what to do?
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When my dog was sick the vet advised me to give probiotics at a different time of day to the antibiotics.

I also found this:


Concerning the link you provided; thanks but he definately needed the antibiotics he has a pretty serious infection that caused both of his legs to swell up AND he also needs to be hand fed that is why I'm in a bit of a pickle wondering what to do.
Moon, the reason people say to give probiotics away from abx is that the abx will render the probiotics ineffective (since abx are made to kill or inhibit bacteria). If you want to give your bird probiotics, you can administer them separately from the Exact at a different time from the abx.
No no I already knew all about NOT giving both at the same time :D LOL! I am not giving him extra probios, I became concerned because I saw that the Kaytee already has probios in it which I didn't realize. I just couldn't remember which rendered which ineffective :confused:
As long as the probios in the Kaytee won't diminish the antibios he is on I am happy! :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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