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Baby pigeon passed away

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We are at a loss after finding our seemingly perfectly healthy and thriving baby pigeon dead this morning of no apparent cause. We've had "Flappy" for a few weeks now and he(?) was doing great. We were in the process of weaning him and had noticed for the last few days he was definitely eating seeds and drinking water. I was still hand feeding 1-2x/day small amounts. He was becoming uninterested in the hand feeding and would take a little then go to the seed bowl at feeding times. He was being kept inside so was warm. Also, this is not my first time hand raising a pigeon so i'm not a complete newbie. Last night i heard him flapping around but then settled. I kick myself now for not checking. This morning i thought it was odd that i didn't hear him moving around in his room and when i checked he had died. I saw no obvious signs of injury, etc. The only odd thing i noticed was that there were no fresh poops. I had cleaned them all up before bedtime. Can anyone shed any light on what might have happened here? We are heartbroken.
Thank you for your time.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. What a heartbreaker. Don't be too hard on yourself...even if you had checked on him it doesn't sound like you could have done anything...probably wouldn't have even seen anything (you said there were no signs of injury) .... he may have just been flapping his wings. Rest in Peace, Flappy.
Sorry to hear of your problem, was the bird getting any grit?
i'm so sorry, maybe he a blockage or maybe he allready had and illness of some kind, so sorry
I'm so sorry to hear the baby died, and I understand how you must be feeling since it seemed so unexpected.

Perhaps there was a health issue/disease or something going on that didn't seem to show any symptoms on the surface.
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