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Baby Pigeons

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I work at a high rise in chicago and two babys i had to remove from the residents balcony i have had them two days and one doesnt look good it is sleeping alot and doesnt want to eat. Both have there feathers but one is more full looking. I am trying to keep them warm and feed but they dont want to eat and i am feeding them the baby formula I NEED HELP ASAP
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Here are some resources in your area. it probably would be best to turn them over where they can receive the medical attention they may need. It could be you aren't feeding enough or it could be they are sick.

Chicago Bird Collision Monitors
(773) 988-1867
This group can make a referral to a pigeon safe rehabber

Flint Creek Wildlife
Downtown Chicago
(847) 602-0628
Pigeon friendly
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Thank you for saving these pigeons. Can you give us more information? Please take the time to register, as we have many people ask a question and then never show up again, so you will definitely get more responses if you are registered and comment again on this thread. If you can't find a rehabber, we can walk you through the steps. For now keep them warm (heating pad on low with a towel over it) and don't feed them anything but specific baby bird formula from the pet shop. There is a lot more to it so please do register and check back here.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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