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Baby Wood Pidgeon needs attention

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Hi peeps!! My Kitten brought in a baby wood pidgeon tonight. He seems shocked and puffed up :( I phoned RSPCA who told me to put him in a box Leave him alone over night and take him to the vet in the morning. After reading some of your threads I feel that there is alot more I can do for him to help him on his way! I have put a hotwater bottle in the bottom of his box and snuggled him on a fluffy towel. I have given him a few drops of water. Is there anything else I can do tonight? I really dont want to take him to the vets as I dont trust them not to put him down!
Thank you
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Hi! Yes I have just read it and have been giving him small drops of warm salt and sugar water. He is looking a bit brighter. I wont attept to feed him now untill I know he is totally re-hydrated. Thank you so much for the link.xx
A bird that has been caught by a cat needs to be put on an antibiotic like Clavamox as soon as possible.

Here is a link to our resources:


Whereabouts are you? There might be a member in your area that can help you.

Does the woody have any open wounds that you can see? Can you take some pictures?

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Hi Licha. The only wound I can see is a small scratch on the top of the beak, he is very puffed up under his beak. Is this normal?? I cant see any puncture wounds. I am so upset, the cats have bells on the collars but couldnt help this little fellow. I will have to keep my cats in at night and am now!
We are in Crawley. West Sussex. England. I will be gald of the help.xx
UPDATE: He is actually drinking off a plastic teaspoon!!!
Pigeons and doves actually drink by sticking their beaks into the water and sucking the water up through their beaks like a straw. If he is wanting to drink on his own, try offering it at least 1.5 inches deep in a small cup or bowl...

How is he now? Does he seem more alert? Is he still fluffed out a lot? Is he scared of you?
Hi Azfiddler, That is what he is doing!! He is sucking it up like a straw!! He is more alert and relaxed now :) Doesnt seem scared of me and not fluffed up. Very pretty birdy. I will try adding pics 2morrow.
Do you think I should go onto just warm water now as he seems better??
What do I feed him and when pls????????????xxxx
Hi, Missy,

Warm water is fine if you are sure that he is hydrated.

If you have some wild bird seed you can put some in his box for now. As long as he is hydrated and warm, it is ok to offer him feed.
You said it was a baby-- how old do you think he is? Does he have all of his feathers yet?

Here is a link with pictures of day to day development of a baby homing pigeon.

Hi Licha, He seems to have all his feathers but thinner in the areas that they havent fluffed out yet(lots of new growth). I dont have any wild bird feed, only Harrison's parrot food.
He is really warm and snuggled on his fluffy towel and hotwater bottle. He is starting to show alot of character now!!
I wish i knew where he came from so I could reunite him with mom and dad :( xx

Looking at the pics I would say around day 20!?! He has lots a baby down still and his tail feathers havnt grown fully.xx
Thank you Licha for all your help tonight. I couldnt of done it without you. Im going to get some sleep now but will get some pics on asap!
Please pray Woody will have a good night.xxx

If he was brought in by your cat, you need to get him on an antibiotic (Clavamox or equivalent) as soon as possible because even a cat's saliva is very deadly to birds. It can kill them quickly. In such a case, it wouldn't do him any good to return him to his parents.

If he is that young, he may not know how to eat on his own yet and you may need to hand feed him. Does he have feathers under his wings?

You can feel of his keel or "sternum" (http://people.eku.edu/ritchisong/skeleton.html) and see if the flesh around it is "v" shaped or "u" shaped to help you tell if he is emaciated. Looks can often times be deceiving because of their fluffy feathers.

Thank you Licha for all your help tonight. I couldnt of done it without you. Im going to get some sleep now but will get some pics on asap!
Please pray Woody will have a good night.xxx
Thank you for helping the pigeon!

Let us know how he is tomorrow morning.

I have to go too because I have to give a lesson in 10 minutes. I'm sure someone else will be along to help soon.

I will pray for him!

Sternun feels soft and fat both sides. Has feathers growing under wing's. I have been in touch with RSPCA who gave me a name of a local vet to take him to in the morning. I will only let him treat him and not take him as I need to know he is being looked after by someone who will give him love and I am scared they may put him down to cut costs!!
You have been so much help. Thank you. xx
is the harrisons pellets or a seed mix? if it's pellets you can soak some and see if he will eat some off the spoon
Hi Missy,

Sorry just picked up on this thread and maybe you've already taken it to the vets. If not, do tell them you are able to care for him and not give him over to them unless they guarantee that they won't put it to sleep.

Don't worry about looking after him, you'll get all the help you need right here.

Let us know how it goes with the vets,

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