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I am hoping that there is someone in the Dove community that can help with a problem with one of my Doves. When we first got our Dove, Ringneck, his stools were firm. Now in the last 2 weeks his stools are watery and lose. My wife removed the shelled sunflower seeds from his diet and the stools seem to inprove some but they are still watery and a little firmer. Any help from anyone is greatly appreciated.
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What else does his diet consist of?

If there are alot of fat containing seeds, (besides the sunflower) in his diet that can contribute to the watery poops, also stress or change in diet can cause them.

I would recommend a good probiotic as the gut bacteria is out of balance as that may help clear it up. Also, use a drop of apple cider vinegar and add to drinking water. (a tablespoon or two per gallon of water)
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