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band question

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so whats with the year on the bands? does it mean the bird must be born in the year the band say? for a guy who wants to band the baby bird, how does he go about it? will they sell a handful of bands? everything ive seen you must buy 25 or more. what if one need like 10 bands??

just curious

also i searched the site for personalized bands, do they really increase the sucess rate of a returned bird? -chris

roller or homers do they need different band? what size? clip on or slip on?
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Hi there, colbyjack. I'm also a pet owner and only needed a few bands. I also didn't need to "register" my birds and, since I won't be racing - - - don't, technically, have to bands at all. HOWEVER, although I don't plan to let my birds out, there is always the chance that one will get out. I ordered 1 package (25) snap bands from Foys and personalized labels to go with them. We put our phone number on the band but you can list anything you want. I figure the bands as some added insurance .... 1st, the bird would have to be picked up by a human, and 2) that human may not do anything, but they can only try to return the bird if it's wearing a band. What they really need is a phone number - so that's what we listed.

btw, the bands ordered from Foys fit both my Homers & Rollers (Foys website has a sizing chart).
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Here is a video on banding a baby
Colby, I usually just paint mark them on the back..... Oh wait! That was the sheep i had lol! Dave
Colby, I usually just paint mark them on the back..... Oh wait! That was the sheep i had lol! Dave

LOL.... hehehehe

No one has a couple xtra bands they can spare or sell? just want to be ready if or when the have a lill one.

what size for a roller?
You can buy NPA bands in all sizes and in ANY quantity at JEDDS.
(you can also find the type of roller you have listed in the sizing guide there)


That's where I got all my seamless bands (and I need a variety of sizes for the Lahores, Ancients, Berliners, and Budapests!).

I also bought the snap-on bands and personalized stickers from Foys with my phone number for the adult birds I already had. They work great, and were cheap enough that having to buy a set quantity of them wasn't so bad and I was able to buy them in sizes for all my birds.
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