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Banded Pigeon Found in California

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A very hungry and tired beautiful lone pigeon landed in the yard today. I now have the bird caged with food and water, as it is very friendly and we have a pair of peregrine falcons that target doves and pigeons in the neighborhood and the male falcon had it's eye on this young bird.
The band reads: Hurc H 08 CA 27. I would like to locate the owner and return the bird.

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Thank you for helping this lost bird. Any chance of getting a picture? I don't recognize that band, but maybe some of our California members will. Where in CA are you? A picture would help identify the breed and give us a clue where to look for info on that band.
Foung Banded Pigeon in Hemet, California

I have no way to post a picture. I am in Hemet, California.
The bird is bronze (brown or rust) with one white feather and green hue in the neck.
A beautiful bird! Looks to be a young female.

I called a guy listed in the area and left a message.
He is listed under Hemet Racing Pigeon Club, which doesn't quite have the initials of HURC. I'm supposing the initials are some town starting with an H Union Racing Club, and possibly not Hemet.
Hopefully the guy will call back soon. I have to keep the bird in one of my dog cages, as I'm not equipped to keep pet birds any longer and my small dogs would love to kill the bird if given the chance.
I'm going to call the local shelter tomorrow to see if anyone has posted for a lost pigeon.

If I have no takers, I'm going to have to find this bird a home, fast! :(

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One of the moderators on this site, Terry, (TAWhatley) is in Lake Forest. I see that's about 70 miles or so from you. I expect she's the closest member we have. She'll be on line sometime later and see this post I'm sure. I'll send her a PM to just be sure. I'm over in Virginia, so you gals will be up long after I've gone to bed. LOL
I believe also that Terry works in or goes to Riverside weekly. That's even closer to you. Hope something works out.
Cindy if you go to www.395concourse.org then go to "Clubs and Roster" and find the 2008 Roster, you can scroll down till you find some flyers in Hemet to contact. Winchester Flyers Invitational I believe is the main club that members fly from in Hemet. I actually used to fly in the VIP Club out of Murrieta before I enlisted 2 years ago.

I don't recognize that band either but am thinking it might be a Roller club band. I'll ask on the Los Angeles Pigeon Club site as well as the Roller-Talk forum.

Thanks for assisting the bird, Cindy! If nothing works out, I will be happy to give the bird a home .. we would just need to work out the logistics of getting the bird to me. I am in South Orange County in Lake Forest.

Terry to the rescue. . .thanks very much for taking this pigeon in and caring for him, Cindy. We need more people like you in the world. I hope you find his owner, but if not, he'll certainly be in paradise at Terry's. :cool:
Hi Terry,

I went to the site that Tim posted - www.395concourse.org
Many of the phone numbers are out dated, but I emailed the VP of the Winchester club: [email protected]

I placed information at the Ramona Animal Haven in case the owner calls looking for the bird.

Joe Campobasso picked up the pigeon this morning. He said it is a male roller and the band is a roller band and may be part of or someone's name. He is going to call Eddie Verdugo in the Valle Vista area who has rollers and may be able to identify the band.
Also, he will let me know so I can let you all know what the identification of the band is if we can find out.

Hemet Racing Pigeon Club
Joe Campobasso
40277 Newport Rd.
Hemet, CA. 92544-9209
(951) 929-3630

Thank you, Renee, Terry, Tim, Maryjane all so very much for your help.

Cindy ;)

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 40:31
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Owner Located

Hi Cindy,

The owner of the bird is a Mr. Henry Ramos. I am waiting for his phone # to be e-mailed to me. As soon as I have it, I will let Mr. Campobasso know. The bird is, indeed, a Roller and someone on the Roller-Talk board recognized the band.

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