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bed time

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what time do your pigeons turn in for the night?seems daft question but id like to know!ours seem to go with the seasons,obv in winter they are off to roost at about 4.30pm when its getting darker outside,now its spring(thats a laugh here in scotland,its like oct today!)they all went at about 7,with a couple of stragglers who hung out till 7.30!do pet pigeons who are in avairy or in home stay awake longer?
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Our's, also, seem to travel with the light!
mine go with the light cycle I have.
the lights in my loft turn off at 9pm
about 30 minutes before that all the birds are sitting on thier perches puffed up ready to go to bed
Yup, Peg and Peter, who are semi-wild and live in my eavestrough, are in *bed* as soon as the light starts to fade. I was thinking about this the other night. I wonder if it's a 'fear-of-predators' thing? Do the predators come out as night falls? I do see lots of birds flying around here at night, but never the pigeons or the gulls.
Do the predators come out as night falls?
Owls and cats would. But pigeons can't see in the dark, so it would make sense that they would situate themselves for the night before nightfall.

My indoor birds will stay up all night if I leave the light on.
My resident hawk roosts around sunset so I have to call in my birds by then. It depends on the season. Right now this spring I call my birds around 6 pm after releasing them around 5 pm. The hawk comes around 7 pm right now and roost on my neighbor's tree.

My birds sleep on and off. Sometimes I sneak around midnight with flash light and I see them still awake. I even sneaked one time at 2 am and some of them are still awake. But they definitely wakes up around dawn though. On day time some of them are sleeping so I suppose they go to sleep when they want to.
My outdoor ones sleep at night, other than the doves who will coo their fool heads off at three in the morning if they so desire. . .:rolleyes:. When I have some indoors, they stay up as long as the light--or the tv--is on. :p
My outdoor birds are active as long as it is light enough to see color. They seem to prefer more light than the song birds.

When we had Walter inside for a year, I tried several times to have him join me watching television in the evening, but he was adamant that after dark he wanted to be in bed! He's a heavy sleeper and may not wake up if I check the birds in the middle of the night.
its now 8.45 here now,and they are off to the roost,some crows are still hanging out on the chimney,but pigeons are off for well deserved sleep
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