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I have a small flock of four birds.

1. Racing Homer
2. Birmingham Roller
3.New York Flying Show Flight
4. Mixed Breed ( Daughter of 2, and 3)

The first three not the daughter were all rescued one year ago after not being able to make it home to their lofts for various reasons i'm not sure. I adopted them from a wild bird rehab here in NYC. Today they are thriving in their own 12x12 flight room. They are all strong and very healthy and seem to know where home is.

I have been able to fly the baby because she was born here. I fly her with the wild pigeons that circle my house when i feed them. most of the pigeons actually live on the block i see them leaving holes from peoples houses all up and down the block and i can recognize regulars up to fifteen or more individuals sometimes flying to my roof. With that said I only fly the baby when there is a flock she can blend in with incase raptors happen on the scene.

When the wild pigeons start dispersing i can shake a container that she knows has peanuts in it and i can have her home back to the flight room with the other pigeons in their cages watching her return.

From what I have read It doesn't seem smart to fly the Racing Homer because she is five years old with old bands with her birth year so i know she has been raced and would probably just leave, so I wont fly her.

( If she returned a year later to the coop she came from would they want her back?)

With all of this said its just the last three birds. The baby and the two parents; is there a formula to teaching the two adults how to home back with the baby? or is it just not a good idea because the only birds in numbers i can rely on are the wild pigeons?

I am not able to have any more birds of my own at this time so are the odds just too risky and should i just wait until i can get a flock?

Sorry if this is confusing... Please let me know your honest opinion!

thank you,

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