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I met with a nice lady and her husband today to take a sweet little pigeon named Benji. They found him three months ago and apparently some snot nosed brat in the neighborhood is too good with his slingshot, and Benji lost an eye due to it. With the help of Terry, we got in touch and finally got to meet today. They gave me his giant cage as well as food and a $20 donation. :D

Benji is a sweet little guy, with his eyeball still intact but sightless. The vet said he also had his skull "crushed" on one side. No signs of brain trauma that I've seen at all. Until I can get his big cage moved here from my dad's shop (wouldn't fit in my car!), he is in a big three story cage inside the smaller aviary. He was cooing to the other pigeons before I could even get him out of his box. He settled right in and Louie, the "special" guy Jen brought me a few weeks ago, began telling him how things run around here. Louie has put himself in charge of, well, just about everything. :p:rolleyes: I will get a few pictures of him soon and put up here.

We were in the parking lot at Petco and all the people going by were smiling at him in his cage while we talked. One Petco employee came over to hear his story and was very happy for him. It never ceases to amaze me when people find a pigeon, know nothing about them, and take the time to learn and do all they can for him. Benji came with four or five different kinds of food, as well as grit and even "bird biscuit" treats. Chalk one up for the good people in the world. :cool:
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