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Bernadette has gone to the Rainbow Bridge

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My dear little Bern passed away today. I noticed he wasn't feeling himself the last few days and staying in his nest basket but Buddy (his mate) laid new eggs so I thought he was just nesting on the dummy eggs. They live inside my room and always have the heating pad on so he was plenty toasty. But today I left for a bit and when I came home he was in his basket and had gone on to heaven.

For those of you who don't know, I got Bernadette almost three years ago at the feed store. He was a sweet little brown Satinette with feathered feet and an eensy weensy mini beak. He also had some benign growths on him and the feed store owner said he was so ugly no one would take him, so he gave him to me and it was love at first sight. From day one he has never been in perfect health and always prefers to just hang out in one area.

He met his mate Buddy after a nesting basket turned over on Buddy overnight, so I brought her in for the day to make sure she was okay. Bern was already in with me and they fell in love and have been together ever since. Buddy always takes care of him and preens him when he doesn't feel well, she is such a good wife. They are the only pijies that are allowed to live indoors so they were always very spoiled. Now Buddy will join her friends in the little aviary and hopefully find a new hubby soon. I hate to see her looking all around for Bern, though I know she won't grieve long so that helps.

I am somewhat relieved for Bern that he doesn't have to suffer anymore, as he never was 100%. I sure will miss that sweet little guy so much.

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Ohhhh, MJ! I am so very sorry for the loss of Bern. What a totally precious bird he was, and I know he was so very loved by you. My heartfelt condolences to you and to Buddy.

I'm so sorry to hear this news MJ :( I know how much you and Buddy loved Bern... being loved is a gift for anyone - human and feathered. You all had that and can cherish it forever. Peace be with you little Bern.
Sorry to hear that. Is it old age?
Maryjane..........I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious little Bern. He is so very cute in your picture of him. I am sure he knew how much he was loved and cared for by you. I hope Buddy does not grieve for him too long.

RIP little Bernadette
What a precious little bird. Thank you for giving her a wonderful life.

MJ! I am so sorry to see this! :( :( This is really sad news, I know he was a special guy and we will all miss hearing about him and seeing his pics. Hugs to you and Buddy :(
I am so sorry, what a little darling he was. I know that his life with you was short, but it was very happy.

OH MJ, I was so sad when I saw the title. I'm very sorry. You sure gave the little guy the BEST life he could have ever possibly had and we sure did enjoy his pics and antics. What a character he was. Just remember the good times.
I'm so sorry for your loss, Maryjane! Dear little Bern will never be forgotten. I'm sure he's happy and free now, and hope you and Buddy will comfort and support each other until the heartache is overtaken by the joy of your precious memories together.
My gang and I are flying in to offer our heartfelt condolences too, MJ!

Bern was something special and we are so glad he got to spend his days with you and Buddy!!

We know he will always live in your heart and memory in his own special place!!

With consoling LOVE and HUGS

Shi/Squeaks/Dom/Gimie/WoeBeGone :)
Oh Maryjane,

I'm so sorry about Bernadette. He was one of the special birdies here on PT. Please add my condolences to the rest. RIP little guy. You were very loved.

MaryJane, I am so very sad to hear of little Bern's passing.:(

You gave him all the love he could ever want, along with his lovely mate Buddy, and you should take heart knowing that he passed peacefully in comfortable loving surroundings. He'll be with you always, watching out for you and the other pigeons just as you watched out for him during his happy life with you.

Comforting hugs to you,

Lindi :(
Thank you everyone. . .it is easier today. Buddy is out in the little aviary with her friends and seems to be feeling okay. He did have a great life here and I am blessed for every minute I had with him. :eek:
Heartfelt Blessings & Prayers, MJ

Blessed Greetings, MJ,

I was able to have free-time today to attempt signing-in/posting numerous times in order to give my condolences on your very sad loss of Bern. I have kept you and Buddy in prayer since I first read about his passing.
It is really hard to lose our beloved creatures, especially after having them for a few years. I'm glad Buddy has some friends to gain comfort from.
Hopefully by now all is settled within your hearts.
The good news is that we shall all be reunited one day! AMEN!

My Love and Prayers are with all of you...always!
Aw, MJ, I read the thread title this morning and knew immediately who Bernadette was. I think all of us grew to love this precious little guy through your posts and pictures of him. Because of your kind and loving heart, Bern had several years of happiness with you and Buddy that he probably would not have had otherwise. I am always saddened when any of our PT pigeons die, but some are extra special - like Bernadette.

Big hug to you.
MJ, so sorry to hear about Bern. He had a great life with you and it sounds like he went on very peacefully and comfortably.

Than you everyone, it has been a month now and I saw Buddy flirting with a male in the aviary out there so. . .that's good. :eek: Christin, it's so good to hear from you, I hope you are doing very well.
belated condolences Maryjane .... I'm very sorry to hear about your loss . Please find some comfort in knowing that a lot of people here share your heartache . I guess its just the price we pay in the end to have these wonderful little friends in our lives .

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