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Bird Bath mats

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The young grocery-checkout woman looked at me blankly :confused: when I explained, with enthusiasm, that the two silicone pot holders were to be tub mats for my disabled dove, who bathes in a baking pan.

You, friends, will understand, I am sure.

My dove recently acquired a large ceramic baking dish for a bathtub, and it's too slippery. Today I found lovely, soft square silicone pot holders with a waffle pattern that I believe will be perfect as tub safety mats. These were Wholefoods store brand, 6.99 each, called "silicone no-slip pot holder/trivet." Dishwasher safe.

Oh the luxury.

We'll see if he likes them. He's rather a reluctant bather.

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That is a wonderful idea, and can also be put underneath nesting babies to prevent splay legs, especially since it is washable and can be used over and over.

Thanks for sharing that!
Great idea, Forest.
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