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Bird Bread and other recipies

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Mom got a new juicer, which she has been using 24/7. I figured we could use the leftover pulp to make healthy treats for the birds :)

So...While looking around, I found this!

Look at all those recipies! :eek: Thought I would share, since these can be made for not only parrots, but our other feathered friends as well :)
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I'm not very good at baking so that's a no go for me....lol. Thanks for sharing though....
Sorry,Bbecky, i give my birds NOTHING, they are not getting every day, unless it is FRESH Grass. Dave
Great site, Becky, I will try making some. My indoor pigeons love bird biscuits and other treats from the pet store occasionally , so I'm sure they'll enjoy some of these. I'll try some on my little parrot, 'tiel, and parakeets too. Maybe this way I can sneak them their veggies since they're so picky. :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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