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Dear Pigeon Talk,

I thought you may find this news story on Ed Schmidt of interest. Ed Schmidt was a WWII veteran from the "Fighting 279th Pigeoneers". Ed will be featured in my upcoming documentary film to be released in 2010.

Below is an excerpt from "Bird In Hand", written by Charity Bonner, The Courier News, Elgin, Illinois.

"Schmidt, 91, has spent all his adult life in Elgin except for the five years he was in the Philippines training homing pigeons to carry classified messages about enemy movements to different U.S. camps during World War II. The tactic was especially useful in the Pacific Islands, where the mountains kept radio signals from carrying very far. He still has several of the tiny 1-inch-long aluminum carriers the trainers would use to attach to the pigeons' legs." Click Here To Read Entire Article

Kind regards,

Al Croseri

One of the kindest gentlemen I should ever wish to meet.
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