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Birds Arrived

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Hello everyone. My birds came in today, and have a photo of them. I feel like a new papa again. As you can see, the poop has already started!
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Nice art work for them too! Nice looking birds man.
Nice! Yea.........good ol' poop........ain't nothing like it.
The birds look really good too. I remember my first ones. I was THRILLED beyond words.
They are fairly calm after their overnite trek. The young RC didn't spook at all when I pulled her out of the box. She even stayed on my arm for a few moments, before flying off. I am pretty much going to leave them alone today, then let them have a bath and let them get used to me tomorrow. I didn't want to stir them up today, so I just put feed, water and grit in containers, so I wouldn't have to stress them by dunking their heads in the automatic waterer.
Are these young birds or older birds? I see the different bands, so I assume they are not youngsters.
They'll be at home in no time at all.
Most look like Young Birds... I would leave them alone for at Least a week, less stress, and let them settle in. Dave
Yes, they are young birds. He raised some late hatches when I let him know I wanted to purchase some of these birds. The BC, by his behavior is about 3 months old, and the young RC is about 45 days old. Yes, I will let them get secure in their new surroundings before having much contact with them. Rite now, they won't even fly up to the perches, which is fine. They will adjust at their own chosen rate.
As far as the different bands, he uses SKY for most of his birds, but uses JUJU for the birds off of his foundation pair. The young RC is the one off of his foundation pair, ROSIE'S BOY & JU JU.
I love those reds. I have a RC cock that I hope I have more out of.
You can really tell those blue bars are a few months old already. Look at those perfect white ceres. They look nice though! :)
nice looking birds...but i like the silver the one in corner right... looking for some color like that but hen...

Your floor looks very nice and easy to clean...my only question...the floor is not too "slippery" for them, is it??

All the best!

Shi :)
I am getting a bale of straw tomorrow, as the floor is pretty slick. It will be easy to clean, but the straw will be great for the birds. I could not make it today, for I was afraid I would miss the call from the PO, letting me know they were here. I have to borrow a pickup from my brother, as my jeep is a wee bit too confined for the straw. I just checked on them, and they are all on the perches, and cooing, establishing their chain of command. I think the BC cock is several months old as his cooing is halfway deep, and he is chasing the silver hen. Don't you just love adolescents.
Nice looking birds. They look like they have potentials! They look like race birds, not just homing birds. I think they are good birds!

A cock chasing a hen? Probably an adult bird ready to breed. What are your plans for these birds? Resettle them or keep them as prisoner and fly their youngs?
Skylake Sions from Dr Mike Brown, of Chico, CA.
I am going to breed them, and race their young, possibly in one loft races, or futurities.
With those birds, I think you can win!
Thank you for your kind words.
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