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Boys of Summer ( ok Spring)

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just got to share....my one female rescue feral must be a "10" as far as pigeons are concerned...she gets a different suitor daily at the aviary!!....her mate has a time of it!!

these are my "pigitors"....the boys of Summer lol...they are so very pretty!! am surprised they are "just ferals":cool:\

its odd ALL the ferals that come by are male or at least act as such, bowing cooing, puffing.....quite the show~!:rolleyes:

if i was a pigeon I'd be swooning...they are so lovely!:eek:


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Those Pieds are handsome and beautiful!

If you have only one hen...well, one can't blame the boys...:rolleyes: ;)

Many thanks for posting

Sending them Hugs and Scritches and Greetings

Shi with Mr. Squeaks/Dom/Gimie/WoeBeGone :)
What lovely markings they have, I'm sure any hen will take notice. :p
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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