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For some time now I have been talking about sex linkage in choosing birds to breed from. In other words, If a cock bird breeds good birds, choose a brother of his for your stock loft. Also the same true for hens. Until today this has always been a theory of mine that I think will work. Today our race results in ABQ helped my cause and helped back this theory of mine. Another phrase that comes to mind that others and I have used from time to time is "Horses for the Courses". I have been with this group of birds for 5 years now and have identified the distances each group is strongest at. Something that takes good records and time.

My birds were 3rd and 4th from our Cortez race station today. Happy with the results the first thing I did was what I always do, look at the lineage. The sires of the two birds were brothers. Looking more in depth I found that another brother of theirs bred last years Cortez winner. Looking more in depth I looked at the race records of the three brothers offspring from the race station for 2008 and 2009 young bird seasons.

DRO 821 Bred 1st 2008 YB
DRO 838 Bred 11th 2008 YB, 2nd 2008 OB, 4th 2008 YB
AU 47187 Bred 3rd 2009 YB

Just thought I would get others insight on the sex linkage theory that when selecting breeders choose same sex siblings of your best breeding birds. I would be much happier if this family of birds would hit at 300 like they hit at 200. I am also working on my 300 mile family the same way. I would like to see if anyone out there can correlate similar results for the theory.

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