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I have a grey pigeon that has what seems to be a broken foot.
it is at work in a box with water and seed. it has a tag but with that foot being broken it doesn't allow me to read the #.
need someone to pick it up and nurse it back to health.
yellow tag on leg.
it is at 5025 west knollwood tampa 33634

Sean (813)318-1106

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Thank you for helping this bird.

If that band is cutting off circulation to the leg it needs to be removed. You need to keep the band and post the complete band number so we can locate owner.

Meanwhile keep the bird in a small enclosure/carrier where it cannot move about and do further damage.

Here is a link to the resources section, I hope this help:


I have also called a person in your area who has connections with rehab personnel in your area....and will call you.

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Is it the foot or leg? We really need to know exactly where the break is. Band numbers would be what we need to help you trace the owner of the bird. Any chance of pictures?
assuming leg his foot is curled in an unnatural way. He or She (i don't know the first thing about birds) is settling down and will try to get a closer look without getting injured....lol.
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