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Hi i found a baby pigeon with a broken leg looks like its at the top of his leg what can i do to help it and what shall i feed it on how can i give it water when it cannot walk i have water and bread very close by to it, i don't want to see this pigeon put to sleep by a vet as most of them would do that, i want to see this pigeon saved can i put something like a splint on its let to help it and what shall i use to make a splint as its legs are so thin many thanks dennis my email is [email protected] if you could send me an email there please many thanks

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Thank you for helping this baby.

Where in the UK are you located?

Check this link for help:


Baby pigeons do not know how to eat on their own, they have to be hand fed, with either a baby bird formula or grain/seeds, or drained canned peas/corn, but that depends on how old the baby is.

Please let us know the apporx age of the youngster, check the link and compare:


Meanwhile keep him from moving around on the leg too much. Can you post a pic of the broken leg, yes it can be mended with a splint depends on where it is.
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