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Buddy's Tragic End

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Buddy was a beautiful pigeon i hand fed last year at around this time.He was a homing pigeon with a mohawk. One day the pigeons were on the telephone wires near my home but little did they know there was a hawk in a tree near by.I watched helplessly,hoping they will be okay.The hawk started to chase them, then a pigeon got seperated from the flock and the hawk started to chase the lone bird.Before long the hawk got a hold of him and slammed the helpless pigeon into the ground.I quickly ran to the hawk and pigeon,i chased the hawk away and quickly noticed that the pigeon was Buddy.I picked him up and held him until he died a few moments later.

Until that hawk leaves i have to keep the pigeons in the loft because i can't risk anymore being attacked like that again.
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I am sorry for your loss.
I think it is best to keep your birds inside for now.

I'm sorry I lost my pigeon recently and don't know what happen with him, I really know your feelings, just remember that he is an angel now and always will be part of your life, just think about all the good moments that you spent together, and be glad that you had the chance to provided him food and love. :)

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