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buying or taking alot of white homers in need of good homes

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I really love pigeons.I loved them since i was little.I had around 52 white homers and some black homers.Before i came to America i lived in Ukraine,Europe.I had around 600 different pigeons. My dad and his dad also loved birds. .The loft is a a very good home for the piegones.My whole family loves birds.just Thursday night i was about to go to sleep and i forgot to close the cage. It was my falt.When i woke up all the pigeons were dead.A couple of raccoons had gottin in cage and killed all of them moslty by chocking them.I was in shock.I couldn't believe what happened.

Since then i couldn't sleep for days.I am looking for people that have to much pigeons and don't need them want to give away to good hands.I will pay for shipping and handling.i will be able to buy them if i can drive them and pick them up.i will in Stamford Connecticut I am willing to take in or buy 10 to 20 pairs of white homers.they can be middle aged not to young.
Thank you so much.
you can email me at [email protected]
or call me at 203-249-2748
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