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Hi everyone

It's been a while since I've last posted here - hope everyone's doing fine!

I have a question regarding dosing calcium:

Our 6 year old pigeon Vivi is egg bound.

We managed to get some Baytril today, so she'll be getting that.

The other thing she needs is calcium - the only kind we could find in the pharmacy was: Calcium Gluconate 500 mg effervescent tablets.


Can anyone advice us how to dose it for a pigeon? (Or is it even suitable?)

( The worrying parts: )
Do not use within four hours of other medications

Non medical Ingredients:
aspartame, citric acid, orange flavour, polyethylene glycol, sodium hydrogen carbonate"

We will drive to another town tomorrow to try to find other kind of calcium, but for today those effervescent tablets are all we have.

Thank you in advance!

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