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I need your help Racing Pigeon Fanciers with a BENZING clock/timing system. I was able to purchase these two used devices separate. I purchased the BENZING Atis Top first, and later purchased the BENZING Club System (minus the M1). I’m new to all this and I’m attempting to setup a Electronic Timing System. :confused:

My question is this, can a BENZING Atis Top be used as the main device (the clock) with a BENZING Club System?

I will use a BENZING Club Cable to make the connection between the two devices.

I have the following components to complete the Club System:

BENZING Atis Top Clock
BENZING ClubSystem
Power Supply Unit
BENZING M1 Club Cable
T-Adaptor - CNN
Loft Antenna, SAN 765
Atis Short Cable Adapter
BENZING Small Pin Coaxial Cable
USB Cable (PC Connection)
Basketing Card
Evaluation Card
Registration Card
BENZING Utility Disc V 5.4

I need help with the BENZING Electronic Timing System setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance for your assistance!

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From the list of items you have, you should have no problem using the Atis Top as your clock and being able to register/transfer the electronic timing chip rings onto the clock through the hookup with the Benzing Club System. Most guys using Atis Top don't have a Club System they just rely on their club's Race Secretary who has the Club unit and does all the administration of the Atis clock. But you can do it yourself if that's what you want.

The Club System is hooked to a PC using a USB cable, then the Atis Top is plugged onto to the Club System using the black cable with the proper connection for that clock.

The software interface used as the go between that gives you a listing and control of what's on the Atis Top clock is PideXX. It can be installed from the Benzing CD but the CD may be a little outdated so it's better to go to the Benzing website and download the latest version of PideXX from there and install on the computer you will use to hook to the Club System.
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