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Can a bird that had "suspected" PMV get the PMV vaccination?

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Hello everyone!
My birdie Basil is going to a new home! :D this bird had suspected PMV and the new home vaccinates their birds. So I am wondering if you can vaccinate for PMV if the bird may have had PMV?
And i'll be bird free just in time for summer! We'll see how long that lasts!! ;)
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can anyone help me on this one? Any advice?
I don't know if vaccinating a bird that shows symptoms of PMV harms the bird, I think I remember reading somewhere that it does but according to Dr Wym Peters (Fit to Win), "Vaccination had no visible advantageous effect on birds showing nervous symptoms"., so perhaps I got that wrong. But if a pigeon that has PMV is vaccinated , then the vaccination will offer no protection and it will still be shedding the virus for 6 weeks, so vaccinating it will give a false sense of security.

A pigeon can be shedding the virus in the early stages without showing symptoms of PMV. For this reason all new pigeons should be isolated for 10 days and if by that time they show no sign of the disease then they can be vaccinated.

If a pigeon has had PMV and you have had it for 6 weeks or more, then it is no longer infectious and will be immune for 3 years.

May depend on how long since the bird, if it had PMV, passed the suggested minimum 6 weeks quarantine period. If a pigeon had PMV, then it would be immune to the virus for anything from 2 to 3 years.

If you don't know if the bird had PMV or not, then it's rather difficult to give a definitive answer.

I'm not aware that there is a problem vaccinating a bird which will by now no longer have the virus (even if it still has residual nervous symptoms), but that is only an opinion.

well, this pigeon I have had for about a year, so it is way past shedding virus, just has some nervous symptoms left. I just wasnt sure if it was safe or not, so i guess i'll have to think it over with the new owner also....
After a year it should be safe to vaccinate.

Thanks Cynthia! And John! You are both dolls! ;)
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