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Can I still release 1 year old pigeons?

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Hello I am thinking of purchasing a pair of pigeons, I have been told that they are a year old and starting to breed. I'm sorry I know that this question has been posted 100s of times before I just couldn't find an answer. I have kept pigeons in the past but always started with young birds and had no problems. Thank you.
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how far is there old home? if there old home is near they will go back even if there on eggs trust me i trid that before the best thing too do is let them have a coulple of rounds of young in new loft after that wait for the hen to be ready to lay let them out befor she lays then thehen weill not fly far and so the cock will not?
Have they ever been released?

It's better to use them for breeding youngsters, and always best not to fly any bird that is breeding.
Have they ever been released?

It's better to use them for breeding youngsters, and always best not to fly any bird that is breeding.
yeah sorry i missed that bit out
What breed are they? Dave
They look like homers in the pics I got. But their home is a good distance away maybe a little more than 24 miles.
If they are breeding or not, if you let them out, you will loose them. and if they stay, they are not homers, or of poor quality. Breed and settle young you raise out of them. Dave ;)
Ok thanks Dave, I also tried to post a pic of them but it wouldn't upload. If you go to my profile you might be able to see the pic or anyone else who might know what breed they are.
The only pic i see is not a pick of homers, in that case,(not sure what breed) breed two or three rounds off of the pair, than shut the pair down from breeding, and you should be able to let them fly out also, BUT make sure they have a fly pen or Aviary so they can look out for a few weeks. Dave
Ok well I just found out that they are Sena, new breed to me so this should be interesting. Thanks.
New to me too! LOL! Dave
If they are homers, I suggest not to take the risk...Most of the time the original owner had trained these birds more than a 100 miles and I'm not sure if you mentioned or know that the previous owner raced them. did he? If he did join some race then maybe the birds you have now, might have been far so there's a few chances that you can train them...But if you can travel back to the first owner then you can try...For me honestly, I won't bother training them and driving back and forth just to pick up the bird or birds...

Sena sounds like Sion...
But picture looks like what? Dave
I will send you the youtube link he has up on his birds.
Sounds good, i am interested.... Dave
Okay by looking at the video those are not homers or let me be specific, not a racing pigeons...Maybe one if I'm not mistaken but most of them looks like Iranian highflyers or maybe some other kind but definitely not a racing pigeons...
When I was young (8,9,10 years old) I wanted to see them buggers fly and come soaring back to my shanty loft. It never failed, homers, rollers, tipplers, they all made a "b" line back to the place I got them from. One has to remember the homing instinct of every type of bird, wether it be a robin or a homing pigeon. There is nothing you can do about it.
As I have said to many a pigeon flyer, you release a bird and he/she thinks sod it "i'm going the other way".That doe's not happen! All bird's want to get home.Point in case, in the summer I put my finche's outside.A few of them eagle eyed buggers got out, checked out the neighbourhood. Next day they were hanging around the aviary like glue. I'm rambling, but it just reinforce's my awe at these wonderful animal's.Bottom line,I agree with Lucky T. Breed a few round's. Let them fly with the satisfaction you bred them.
My mentor told me the best attribute you can have with pigeons is patience...he is right.
Just my opinion. Carl
Yep. not homers, and also two different breeds, not sure which thou, any help? Dave
Yeah, after seeing the vid, first thing that came to my mind was Iranian Highflyers. But its been great reading all the posts, how are they as pets? I live in a condo on the second floor and would have really preferred a pair I can free fly, but looking at the site it seems some people have luck keeping them indoors. If I don't get them then I am thinking some ringneck doves might be in order for me.
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