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Hi guys,

I'm about to treat a found feral fledgling for canker (see image, below).

After much frustration, I was told today by a pet shop owner (in Ireland) that you can't get metronidazole (Flagyl) in the European Union any longer without a vet's prescription. He said it was due to some new EU regulation. Also, no one here's heard of Fish-Zole but I couldn't find any alternate aquarium metronidazole either.

He gave me Spartrix (carnidazole 10mg) tablets instead.

Barring any objection, in about an hour I'm going to give my fledgling, Repeeper, the proscribed "half tablet per young pigeon."

From the 'constructions':
1 tablet per adult pigeon (i.e. 10mg per pigeon). Half tablet per young pigeon. A single dose is usually sufficient. Cases which do not respond within 3 days may be treated again.
Does that sound right to the experts here?

Now... as you can somewhat see below (this is the best I can get with my shyte phone camera), she has no feather growth just behind her cere and along her lower mandible to upper throat. Kudos to JGregg and Jay3 for spotting it.


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Well, that is about what I'd give a young one only just fledged.

I expect Spartrix has a good margin, but I prefer to be safe.

I'd also be inclined to give the other half tomorrow, rather than the three day thing.

Metronidazole has certainly been only available on prescription here in England as long as I recall having any need for canker medication.

** I see you already had answers on the other thread, so if a whole tab works for others, fine - guess it depends what it means by 'young' pigeon :) **

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