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Cant walk

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I have a hen laudino and I think I have been getting to many eggs out of her and now she cant get up on her feet
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I did that today and yesterday and gave her b12 also thanks. My breeders told me i am getting to many eggs out of them that i should be geeting them to lay every 14 days is that good?
Why are you getting eggs every 14 days.?? Are you not letting the hen sit on any eggs/dummy eggs for any period of time. The normal cycle would be that a bird would be sitting for between 18/23 days to hatching and then feeding the babies for a period of time giving her body time to replenish it's own resources. If you have been just taking eggs she will continue to lay more every 10/14 days. If this is what is happening and you have been doing this for any length of time it is no wonder that the bird can't walk.
If you have an antiinflammatory you can give her that too. Liquid baby Motrin will do for a three or four days.
It will take a few days for her to get back up on her feet again.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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