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The Resources forum is being restructured within its own category, rather than as a forum within 'Pigeon Daily'.

It gets kinda messy with people posting requests for advice on the end of resource threads, posting stuff which doesn't really fit in (like "Here's a new website I like, take a look") and properly belongs elsewhere, or simply turning a useful resource thread into a general discussion.

As an interim measure, the actual info is on a sub-forum (Resource Information) and members' suggestions for inclusion on another (Resource Submissions).


Only the mod team can post to the Information section.


The Submissions section is open to members. There will not be discussion on members' submissions.

We would create posts or copy the original for what we consider sensible, appropriate suggestions into the information section, and anything we think is more appropriate elsewhere we would just move the thread. If the information fits best into an existing Information thread, we may copy the relevant content into it, rather than create a new thread. Credit will be given to the submitting member, of course.

Our decision will be final.
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