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changing mates

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i have 2 white american fantails one male one female that i wanted to mate together but for some reason my male ended up mating with a totally white homing pigeon. They had eggs and one baby survived and is like 30 days old and is like half fantail half homing. its tail feathers stick up a little like a faintail but they are long like its mother. Do you think if i keep these 2 mated together that their babies will all be like this an if so how can i switch there mates so i can have the faintail mate together. I only have one loft and i want to keep my white homing pigeon because she is pure white and a beautiful smart strong bird.
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Do you have a rabbit cage, or rabbit hutch, that you can seperate the pair in for a few weeks? Usually that is all it takes, however sometimes the birds do pick their own mates and will go right back to them when returned to the loft. :rolleyes:
Do you think if i get a male white homing pigeon and but him together with the white female homing pigeon they will mate and leave the white fantails together will they mate and then put them all in the same loft will they go back to each other or stay with their new mates
Does anyone else have any advise or has anyone else had a faintail mate with a homing pigeon and how was their offspring.

While I do not keep fantails myself, I do know people who have them and who have crossed them. The offspring won't be showable. However if you have several years to devote, you could breed that offspring back to the fantail standard through very careful, selective breeding. ;) Hopefully someone else can come along and supply some additional input. Looks like not many people are online tonight!
That about sumed it up, with fantails the young will always favor the other breed tail wise and you will never show these birds. As for repairing like they have said it only takes a couple of weeks with a new mate and off they go, however if the pair can still see each other it might take longer if not at all.
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