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I found this article on 'quora' and thought others might be interested. I represent it in unadulterated form

Venkat Ram, Ex.International Banker (1965-present)
Answered Aug 24, 2018 · Author has 510 answers and 81.6k answer views
Originally Answered: Why do people feed birds?
Why do people Feed Birds, generally?

''Maximum number of birds are FED by people for making them have a very healthy life, with more weight and appearance, so that they will be good providers of money once they are slaughtered! Even if their own children are not given food, the birds are generously fed with Vitamins, Proteins, and Hormones even by using mechanical force, and keeping correct time schedule. They are inoculated/vaccinated against Viruses and diseases promptly .

Then there are a few Who choose to feed only Pigeons! Usually Pigeons are not used for eating except by some communities. The BIRDS, have no religious importance. They are not grown in farms for food, but only for some sports or as pets.

Very few people are doing a yeomen service by feeding birds due to love for fellow beings, especially in bad weather conditions like Food in winter and water in summer. They build big “apartment houses” near Temples (pigeon holes with many tiers in safe towers with water facility etc) and accommodate thousands of such birds. Tons of food are donated by Grain growers for the Globally Migrating birds, when they land on specific areas with water,, but less food. Such transit points for migrants are way better than small feeders hung like toys on trees in front of houses!

Food is given to thousands of such birds near Temples, Churches and Mosques , in open grounds and children spend their pocket money for feeding wild birds than spending on Ice cream or hot dogs! They release birds from cages, as symbolic act to canvass freedom for everybody to live in this world!

Perhaps they believe in doing good deeds in this life and not wait for sins to be cleaned in their next birth! Or it it that they try to go to heaven by getting bonus points?

Some religions including mine,encourage protection of Plants and animals and the customs center around those religious practices .They feed birds like Ravens/Crows,because it is believed that they are souls of the dead, and are capable of running errands in both Hell and heaven with messages from their living souls on Earth!Others feed Eagle,Parrot,Peacock,Swans along with many other animals like Cows,Monkeys,Elephants,Crocs,Snakes.,same times some KILL , Goats and Chicken as religious offering or sacrifices!

Feeding pet Birds may be tolerable only partially, as keeping them caged and harnessed is a crime, and feeding them for their survival in My opinion is not kindness. It is like feeding Slaves or people who have been abducted. Very rarely I have seen an Injured bird as pet! Luckily, unlike other non flying pets, we do not see Orphaned pet Birds, to take their census !

But many people think and classify Pet keeping as an act of kindness,they may be correct fractionally, and that too depends upon circumstances and the status of the pet!

SO why distinguish between one species of Birds from other, and selective love for one Specific color (Say white,the sign pf purity)will be the only acceptable form of animal love ?

Man does not do anything for nothing, and there is always a glorified self interest! Countries own legally or illegally maximum number of animals as pets, but they also have highest number of orphaned pets ,supported by NGOs who are surely animal lovers.But why millions of pets are abandoned every year, in the first place, when love can flow uncontrolled?

Nature has not distinguished between one animal against other, and every creature ,animal or man, has only right to live till death,so why only Man claims Ownership rights, deciding the fate of other hapless creatures?

You kill them if they attack you, not when you feel the kick to kill,reciprocate what and how the animals behave!''

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