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'chewed' feathers and puffy eyelids?

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One of my long term tame pigeons has the chewed look (moth eaten look) feathers all over her breast and some of the wing tips, sprayed her with anti mite and lice spray a few weeks ago, she's been acting normally but feathers still 'chewed', until today I notice her eyes are slightly shut, and the eyelids look swollen, she seems on edge as if she can't see properly.
Any idea what this could be and what I can do? My vets will be clueless. I will attach a pic once my camera battery has charged.
Thanks in advance, although I doubt anyone will know what this is :confused:
I did have another pigeon with the chewed feathers on his breast a while ago but his eyes were fine, he was isolated for at least a month before he went in the aviary, he had no other problems. He went to another sanctuary in the end.
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Feathers chewed right down to little stumps? Depluming mite??
Some are chewed right down I think but mostly just partially chewed.
All I can think off is a bad case of mites.
Give him one dose of ivomec as you cannot put spray in the eyes, should take care of that.

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