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My grandfather was an avid pigeon racer, he passed away almost 13 years ago. We gave up racing pigeons after he died. I have a clock that he used for many years. It seems to be an antique. It is a wooden Benzing clock that used a stamp and tape for recording. I recently came across it hidden away in a closet. I am possibly looking to sell it. It is a shame that it is not being used. But, I am not sure how to price this, or even where to sell it. I would be thankful for any advice on this.

Thank You

Jennifer Coldwell Paolilli

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I got my wooden benzing off ebay for 72 dollars including shipping.It has worked very well for 2 years and only runs 1 second fast.Most on ebay run around 50 to 100 dollars.If you have the key that goes in the top and winds the clock it will add value.Many seem to get lost.They can be bought from pigeon supply houses. Jeff
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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