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Please share the ancient art of domestocating pigeons with us!! Join the Colorado Pigeon Club free!! Find out about events, how to join the club, how you can get started and much more. VISIT >>>>

Also, come and join us for our first field meet of the Colorado Pigeon Club. We will be meeting, Sunday Feb 12th 2012 10:00am at the South Trail head of The Mesa Trail in Eldorado Canyon. It is about 1 mile down Eldorado Springs Drive and its on the rite. Again we will be meeting at 10:00am and we hope to get out to the field and have our birds in the air by 10:30am. However, a membership is not required to attend this meet we highly encourage you to join the club. You can join for free by visiting our web site www.pigeonrycolorado.ezweb123.com .

((Do contact me if you plan on attending the meet so we know who to expect.))
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