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colour of cere??

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hi,pigeon came to feed today,not a reg,a young one,dark spread,,looks young,,i noticed his cere was a sort of light orangy colour(all rest are white)i dunno if hes been rooting round in "red pond"area(red pond is remains of aluminium factory on edge of town,the red ore used used to leave a dusty red film on nearby cars/windows etc)apart from that i cant think why his cere is that colour,he looks healthy enough and fed well,he also had a white feather bit on top of his head(tuft)
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Possibly just a youngster .. the nose cere is pinkish until they attain adulthood or close to it.

he came back again today,,hes a lively wee chap,yeah he does look young,and still quite small(got great appetite though lol)
It could be young or one of those flying flights.
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