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what colour would i get?

made new post called "what would there babies look like??"
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i think def a red of some kind,maybe a light ash red with white bars,or dark red with dark bars,,they are very beautiful pigeons!!!!
I'm guessing the first bird is a cream bar (or yellow bar, either way it's dilute ash-red), unless it has a tail bar. If it does, then it's a khaki (dilute brown).

The second one I'm not sure. Typically brown birds look very similar to blue but with a brown tone to it. So it could be brown or khaki with bronze? Or maybe a poor spread brown? I don't know, let's wait and see what the others say.

But either way, which bird is the cock and which is the hen?
hey guy's they are a pair and i was wondering what colour i would get out of them i cant wait there such cool colours mated and i just want to get a feel for what colours they will have:D
wow i should learn to spell:D

anyone have any guesses on what colour this pair's babies will be or might be?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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