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could this mean something

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I was watching my 2 birds now as they was walking around on the floor, 1 started grooming the other on the head, and after that the one that got groomed layed on its belly next to the other pigeon, could this be that theyre trying to mate, the one that groomed the other pigeon is quite young, so he didnt do anything when the other was laying on its belly.
is this just a normal thing or what.
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Is the baby squeeking? The youngster is probably not mating If they are not related, it sounds like the one bird is taken up being a parent to the other.

The real courtship behavior does start with kissing but will continue to billing and mating.
I have two hens that groom each other, must be a nice social thing that pigeons do.
yes the young one which groomed the other squeaqs a bit, but the older one layed on the floor, to me it looked like the older one, when he layed on its belly wanted to mate, but the younger one didnt want to
If it is a squeaker, then I think it is just grooming and not the mating ritual kind of a thing.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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