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Many of us know it can be difficult when a new member seeking help does not tell us where they are, which can affect the advice we are able to give.

I have set 'Country' to be such that it must be selected during registration. It was previously optional.

This will mean that any new members within the past few days should have their country show above their posts.

For previously existing members, it will only show if they had voluntarily selected it from the list whilst editing their profile info. Here on in, if members edit their profile details and Country is currently blank, then they'll be requested to complete it.

Note that some members were accidentally 'relocated' to Afghanistan when 'Country' first went on. That will not show above their posts, but is still on their profile and can be changed by editing the profile if they are bothered about it.

'Location' (for more detailed location) will remain entirely optional.
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