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David C. (Mr.)

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Hi I am David..almost 60, living in N.Staffordshire England.Longstanding racing pigeon fancier..(for well over 50 years).

In very recent days,two of my racing pigeons have incurred the loss of a leg apiece. One younger pigeon got it's leg trapped under a hinged pigeon loft/coop door..and lost the foot and leg to the knee..after it's blood supply was severed as it struggled for some hours to free itself.

The other (older)pigeon..well bred, lost the lower leg and foot..due to having a swollen ankle under it's identity ring..which swelling evidently got worse after been loaned out to another fancier,and which fancier...presumably failed to observe it's worsening..til he brought the bird back to me some three weeks later to cut it's ring off..by now too late.The blood supply had been cut off, and the ankle and foot were irrevocably severed from the rest of the leg.I was fairly devastated.

Questions for any who could help...please.

(1) Has anyone had any success in making and fitting a reasonably reliable false leg and foot for such birds?(I've been musing on various ideas).These birds would not need to be flying out.

(2) Might the bird still be able to tread it's hen without the extra leg to cling on with? (I know that sitting eggs without two legs would cause egg breakages.)
Thanks. David
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What a tragedy.
I can only answer part of you question. I have a 1 footen roller that lost most of his leg in 2005. he was able to successfully help his mate incubate eggs and hatch them and he did a great job of feeding the chick too. The egg was not their own but rather a foster egg I had given them.
I hope you don't decide to cull these two, but if you do, please give us the opportunity to place them.
Hi David.
Being this long in the sport, you probably know the answer more than most! Leg's have a lot to do with "sex", but I don't think that has detered anybody from trying.
I guess it all depend's on how much you want to breed that particular bird. if you just want to make him happy, put some dumby egg's under him,and at the right time give him some squek's. If it's any help, the more I tried to help with broken bones, the worst the outcome.These bird's are resiliant...I once had a bird come back from a 250, it just plopped on the land board, both her leg's were broken. No diploma's, but that bird had a home, and after recovering (big swollen leg's, no band) went on to breed some first class pigeons.
The NCSU vet school is pioneering a procedure in artificial limbs.


Hopefully, this can work on birds also.
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