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Oh, boy. DeeDee, our male ringneck dove, thinks he's a Mama...or at least a Daddy. While flying around the house several days ago, he found a small, white cardboard cylinder that is about 1 1/2 inches by about 3/4 inch in diameter. He was VERY enthralled with it, so I put it in his cage. Next time I looked, he had moved it into his food bowl (a flattish, heavy bowl I found) and was sitting happily next to it with his head resting on it, making soft, happy cooing sounds.

Well, four or five days ago, I thought it was cute, but he will barely budge from the food bowl. He knocks all the food out of the bowl and eats it off of the cage floor. When I DO coax him out of the cage, he stays out about five or ten minutes, picking up strings and pieces of grass the dog dragged in, and taking it back to the bowl/nest. Occasionally he stands in front of me and "yells" at me. I get the feeling he thinks I am falling down on my duties of sitting on the egg.

Now, I' m happy that he's happy, but I'm wondering how long I should let this go on before I take his "egg" away...or SHOULD I ever take his egg away? I feel like he should have a break, at least. But he seems so happy...

I DO miss my raucous, playful, rambunctious DeeDee...although I AM glad he isn't trying to constantly mate with my head!

I REALLY don't want to deal with two doves constantly mating and having to worry about the female getting enough calcium, or getting egg bound, or whatever, and I certainly don't want an increase in doves! I DO want DeeDee to be happy, though. Any suggestions, guys?
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