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I am new to pigeons or birds of any kind. Following is a procedure I'm planning to use when introducing new pigeons to the loft. I'm looking to get as much feedback as possible from experienced users.

What I would like to do as a matter of routine when introducing new birds to the loft is:
1) Keep them in a separate, isolated enclosure.
2) Disturb them as little as possible for three days or so to allow their stress levels to get down to normal. During this time, ensure they get all the feed they will eat relatively quickly twice a day, ensure their water is clean and presented in a freshly sanitized container every day, and watch for any sick, sluggish, or injured birds. Remove any to a separate area indoors on a heating pad set on low.
3) After they have resumed normal behavior, treat them all with ivermectin to get rid of any possible internal and external parasites.
4) Thoroughly clean and sanitize their enclosure a day after treatment to get rid of disease / parasite eggs.
4) Observe for 12-14 days. If visible mites or lice are found, treat with Scalex during this time.
5) Retreat with ivermectin.
6) Re-clean and sanitize their enclosure a day after re-treatment to remove any remaining disease or parasite eggs.
7) Introduce them to the loft just a couple per day to ease stress on the loft residents.

Please comment/correct here all you like. Some specific questions:
- Is there a sanitizing agent you can put in a bath so they can sanitize themselves during this process? Something akin to chlorine in a pool?
- I've read here that garlic in the water is good for building health. I've also read this about cider vinegar for acidity. Should these fit in somewhere? If so, where?
- Should probiotics be given?
- If they need to be vaccinated, when should this be done?

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Before worming, please check with previous owner if they have been wormed recently.

Keep them seperated for 30 days.

I only give probiotics when their goog gut bacteria is down, usually just youngsters. ACV twice a week in the water, and garlic once or twice a week, not on the same days.
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