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Dove feather loss near one eye?

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I have a dove whose only symptom is feather loss and matting around one eye. No discharge, nothing in the mouth or throat, no rattle or congestion, eating, pooping etc. all normal. When I washed off the affected area there were no cuts or abrasions...just bare skin for about 1/8th of an inch around one side of one eye, and the feathers a little soiled and matted. The eye itself looks normal.

Looks like maybe she collided with the cage side or got into it with another bird and just rubbed off the feathers? Thoughts? Other things to consider?:confused:
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Maybe she did get something in the eye. Could it be mites?
Charis...As I was writing my thread I started to think how it looked almost as if she had been scratching an itch overly hard....and with your post I am now going to treat the loft tomorrow for little buggers that might be infesting the birds...we have had a sudden turn in the weather to 100+ degrees and so maybe some spring time hatchings have brougt on a fast mite infestation that needs to be addressed...I did not notice anything when I picked her up but I have to say that I did not look closely for bugs....thanks.:cool:
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