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Apparently it seems to me from the symptoms that you birds have been suffering in Cocci or e-coli infection. As I had suggested you earlier, start Ampicilline immediately via drinking water for 5 consecutive days and inform me the progress after 3 days of application if there is any result. What you do, just open once capsule of 500mg. and mix it in one liter of luke warm water and serve in the morning to all of your birds. Keep this water till evening and let them drink as much as they wish. Throw the water in the evening after their feed. You can add little fresh water in it if required in the evening. Again repeat the same process in the next day and so on. After 5 days, give them any good multivitamine for 2 consecutive days and again continue the same medicine for 3 days.

Also you can give Enrofloxacine liquid 2 drops down the throat with little water for individual treatment for 7 days for quick releif.

Always serve electrocare powder and probiotics after the antibiotic course is finished to balance the normal flora of the gut.

Yours loving friend,
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